DVG Laboratories provides ISO 17025 accredited calibration services for various fields.

Load Cell, Proving Ring, CTM, UTM, Dynamometers

Force Measuring Devices

We provide calibration services for load cells, Dynamometers, Proving Rings using fully automated primary force standard machine (Dead Weight Force Machine),upto 50 kN, thereby providing you with the most accurate results. We calibrate force measuring devices as per ASTM E74, ISO 376, IS 4169, in both tension and compression mode.

Testing Machines

We calibrate compression testing machines and take up annual maintenance contracts for your material testing machines of any make. We calibrate uniaxial testing machines as per IS 1828, ISO 7500-1, ASTM E4


We provide calibration services for torque wrench calibration, both Type I & II upto 1000 Nm


We have one of the best pressure gauge calibration facility in North India and are equipped with a high accuracy dead weight tester which can calibrate your pressure gauges of accuracy as good as 0.05%. Using the cross float method as per Euramet CG-3, we even calibrate dead weight testers upto 120 MPa.

We are also equipped with 0.02% accuracy pressure gauges for comparison method calibration to meet all types of requirements from our valued customers as per DKD R-6-1.

Micropipettes, Weights, Weight Box, Burette etc

We are one of the best equipped lab in the country, and are equipped with a Mettler Toldeo XP205 , semi micro balance of resolution 0.01 mg upto 200 g to cater to your needs of precision measurements of weights, micropipettes, burettes, pipettes, etc as per OIML-R111, ISO 8655-6 & others. We calibrate weighing balances upto 1000 kg

Centrifuge, Tachometer, Speed

Using non contact comparison methods we calibrate your RPM measuring and RPM generating equipment.