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Dead Weight Force Machine

Dead Weight Force Machine

DVG Laboratory & Consultants Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon, is a licensee of National Physical Laboratory (NPL), New Delhi, India, for the technology of making pneumatically operated Dead Weight Force Machine, a device for calibration of Force Proving Instruments.

Dead Weight Force Machines are used to calibrate force proving/measuring devices and can be used to check for their repeatability, reproducibility, hysteresis. The machine is capable to calibrate instruments in both Tension & Compression modes.

DVG Laboratory is equipped with two “Dead Weights Force Machines (DWFM)” for calibration of the Force Proving Instruments like Load cells, Proving rings, & Dynamometers.

The pneumatically operated Dead Weight Force Machines are the means to calibrate force proving instruments based on first principle of calibration. It is a Technology from NPL New Delhi and DVG Lab is a licensee for the technology of Dead Weight Force Machine from National Physical Laboratory, New-Delhi.

We also undertake calibration of specialised instruments used for force measuring in R&D laboratories. We do calibration of instruments in both compression mode & tension mode.

The force standards maintained by DVG Laboratories are fully automated pneumatically operated Dead Weight Force Machines. DVG’s 5.1 kN & 50 kN dead weight force machines are capable of calibrating force proving/measuring instruments both in tension & compression modes.

These dead weight force machines are able to calibrate the instruments as per International standards for calibration of instruments used for calibrating uniaxial testing machines.

We manufacture & sell Dead Weight Force Machines as per the requirements of our customers.